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Make your Animation & VFX Dream happen NOW!

If you’re ready to break that glass ceiling wall and move out of the monotonous life, if you are ready to be a New-Age Story Teller, then this is meant only for YOU!

If you want to GROW and SUCCEED in life, then you must be ready to move OUT, Out from comfort zone, feel AWKWARD and SCARED. Because this means you are trying something NEW. You have a fresh mind, original and innovative ideas, you have a dream that you want to live. If you are a story-teller or you are willing to learn the new art of Story-Telling, the Digital Art, then this is for YOU. Because YOU want to learn the talent of breathing life to a character or an object. YOU want to be a part of a blend of entertainment industry and technology. You are obsessed with looking for fresh and engaging way to tell a story, and then ANIMATION & VFX is what defines the purpose of your life. It can be an incredibly exciting, busy and fast-paced career, if you choose the right path.

Learn ANIMATION & VFX the right way and start a profitable business or take up a Digital Artist job you’ll enjoy without spending more money on courses that do nothing for your career. TTA’s Professional Certification Course in ANIMATION & VFX is interactive and designed for action you desire.

We are confident of your success in DIGITAL ART!

“It is not only about the software and the techniques when it comes to ANIMATION & VFX, You need to learn the science behind every motion and emotion. You can master the software but if you don’t master the art of telling a story digitally, it’s of no use. I have been looking for an academy that provides me both technical and creative exposure about this art. I don’t just want to study ANIMATION & VFX; I want to be a Digital Artist!”

That’s a quote from one of our students, Yash Mutha - and it’s something we hear a lot!

“TTA’s Course in ANIMATION & VFX is By Far the Most practical & rewarding program I’ve encountered”

With in-depth research and point-to-point questioning regarding this field, I could easily choose India’ Premier Vocational Educational Institute, ’Times & Trends Academy’.  The Animation & VFX course at Times & Trends Academy is without any-doubt by far the most practical & rewarding training program I’ve encountered. The on-field training on live-projects that showcases the pure environment of Animation & VFX Industry helps us understand exactly what needs to be done and how. Every lecture during the course is oriented with the practical requirement of this industry, focusing on the exact need of the market and also, of the students. So that when we complete the course, we can start on our own and succeed.. I really can’t thank enough to TTA, Amit Sir and all my mentors!”


“It’s time to create your OWN Digital Story in ANIMATION & VFX Industry and Live your ANIMATION Dream NOW!”

You have always dreamt of being an Animator and VFX artist. You have been told time and again that you have the right talent. You are creative and an executioner, you are a leader and you believe in yourself.

But you also know that to be a good digital artist, sound technical knowledge is not enough, there is a whole lot of detailing required to create memorable digital art for your clients that cater to their needs, their status, audience and most important their vision. Their vision and your talent need to be perfectly synchronized with the execution.

“Plans are nothing, but Planning is Everything” said the greatest scientist of all time, Albert Einstein. He knew exactly what he was talking about.

  • You may have done Animation & VFX courses
  • You may have created posters or graphical images in college
  • You may already have an Digital Art business
  • You may have zero knowledge of Animation & VFX

Wherever you are right now in your life, this program is for YOU - if you aspire to become a SUCCESSFUL DIGITAL ARTIST. But how are you going to actually become the DIGITAL ARTIST you aim to be? You don’t just need a plan, EXECUTION is essential.

What if you come across a platform that give you the exact exposure you need, the exact knowledge and execution to become exactly what you wanted to, like so many others have?

Over the years, TTA trained thousands of students in a variety of programs like Animation, VFX, Roto, Graphics Design, Marketing, Sales, Business Management, Design etc.. We have a continually growing team of educators and professionals on a mission to change students’ future by bridging the gap between real-world skills, relevant education and employment or business.

We’ve helped hundreds and thousands of students succeed and make a name in the Animation & VFX world. We await your presence at our DIGITAL ART Academy!

This Program is for...


This program is designed for YOU and all the enthusiasts who want to pursue their dream of becoming a SUCCESSFUL ANIMATOR & VFX ARTIST. It is crafted for the students like YOU who are ready to start NOW and want to create a strong presence in the industry of ANIMATION & VFX. This program is for the aspirants who are in love with the Digital Art field, and are also ready to build a career in this field. It is possible that you are already into business, or you may have an animation job, but if you know this is NOT ENOUGH, then this program is for YOU, because you want to be SUCCESSFUL AND HIGHLY PAID DIGITAL ARTIST.

The Issues You Face..


We know, you are eager to get into the Animation & VFX field and become a highly successful Animator & VFX artist, but this idea needs to be executed through an efficient platform, you need guidance on how to begin the journey. You need acknowledgement and assistance, because let’s face it! It isn’t a piece of cake, you are faced with-where to start-what to do-why you choose this and most common what is the result. Trying to figure out the right path, right companion and right platform, is definitely very stressful. You know why? Because you don’t exactly know what you know and you are definitely not sure of using it for your benefit as a digital artist. You don’t know what it takes to become a highly successful Animator & VFX artist.

What is your need of the hour...


At this point of your life, when one decision can bring you closer to your dream, then it’s time to get to action mode. Seek knowledge from the experts not just the software manuals but people who are working in the field, because Digital Art is all about Technicality and Creativity. Look out for a learning that helps you bring out the best version of the Digital Artist in you. Seek for a platform that bridges the gap between the classroom bookish sciences to the laboratory (live projects) that helps you experiment. You need a plan and a team that helps you to execute it with you and for you.

A Glimpse At What You Accomplish In Your Animation & VFX Program

What You Get When You Join Times & Trends Academy, the premium Ed-Tech Vocational Training Academy.

It’s all about defining specific goals and developing a focus that is needed to move ahead quickly and comfortably.

This program is designed to provide you with an opportunity to gain technical knowledge and enhance creative instincts. It focuses on establishing you as a successful Animator & VFX Artist.

It helps those looking at jobs in the field gain top-tier jobs with fat salaries working with high-end Digital Artist. Those with their eyes firmly set on being entrepreneurs, get everything they need to launch their own business. 

The course caters to both the new wannabe digital artists and the experienced as well.

  • Learn and develop the art and skill of creating a visual treat of digital art.
  • Expand and enhance current knowledge in a specific area of interest related to Animation & VFX field
  • Remediate deficient areas of knowledge or skills in Animation & VFX.

A step-by-step program that will help you develop a creative instinct and technical intelligence that helps in successfully launching you as an Digital Artist –  establish your presence in the field – compete with the stalwarts in the animation & VFX space – achieve popularity – lead you to profitability. This comprehensive training program in Animation & VFX is designed to help you acquire thorough knowledge on every aspect of creating Digital Art, which shall be instrumental in building a high paying career that you have always dreamt of.

As a digital artist, you would want to develop an animation or VFX product that your audience have dreamt of, you would want your audience to feel captivated and awed when they witness the product you have created for them. You want them to say to themselves - “This is what I want” and wonder ‘Why I didn’t think of this”.

For this magic to happen in real life, You don’t just need a certificate with your name on it, but you need knowledge, you need numerous ‘must do’s’ that give you a desired outcome…a successful career in Animation & VFX will help you in developing digital property that helps you in catching someone’s attention and also keeping it.

Hence, all methodologies applied in TTA’s Animation & VFX Course are discussed and described in detail, allowing you to have an overview of what knowledge you would gain in the journey of enlightenment. The various practical approaches of developing digital art you will learn during the course are meant to give you a lead in the market from day one.

Animation & VFX along with a Diploma from City Of Oxford UK ( yes you get dual certification )is a success blueprint of all DIGITAL ART ASPIRANTS. It leads you to name, fame and money in the Digital World

You got the Job! These words are music to your ears… if you have planned working with an established brand or a famous Animation & VFX Production House. Through this course, you will step ahead in making this dream a reality. You will get a chance to explore the job market of Animation & VFX Industry and also, salary band that are on offer. With TTA’s mentoring, you will be thrilled to find out how you can land yourself in the job of your dreams with growth prospects. TTA will help you reach great heights in the world of Digital Art. You will be given a platform that nobody else receives, LIVE PROJECTS with professionals & experts. These LIVE projects will help YOU in developing creative as well as situational intelligence that will help you stand out from the crowd.

The course gives you better understanding about how does placement work in the industry, what are different jobs and profiles in the Animation & VFX field, Norms in terms of starting salary, In-depth knowledge on the growth potential in the industry, In-trends of the market . It shows you how to be prepared for the opportunities before it knocks on the door.

It is not just one post that you can seek as an Animator & VFX Aspirant. This Diverse field inculcates various career options that one can choose from. This course will be an eye opening journey for you as it introduces numerous features that a single product caters to. In-depth understanding various pillars of Digital Art Industry, their job responsibilities and duties will be explained in this course.

Our country has more than 300 studios in animation, which engages more than 15 thousand professional digital artist. The top paying industry is the gaming industry which is the top employer in the field. This course will also brief you about various areas such as Engineering, sales, education, business and advertising, through entertainment via film and television which is the vital area of application in this profession.

Making you stand out from the crowd is not easy for a new and inexperienced digital artist. But with this course, you would be able to use technology for your own benefit, so that your fresh digital product gathers maximum attention. Knowledge of selling, presenting your idea and your company’s calibre to the decision makers will be credited in your educational journey through this course. Presentational Skills, Promotional Pointers and Social Media attention grabbing techniques are also inculcated in this journey, so that you can sell it, without actually even saying it! Knowledge of this will give you the confidence to professionally to create a digital art, with another in hand.

If you plan to watch a movie and you seek to invest time on a new artist, what do you do to make a better decision? You will definitely gather information about the movie and the artist; you will search of the people who have already seen the same movie or the actor in the film. Why? Simply because they went there before you!

There are successful digital artists before you, who have tested the waters. Follow their lead and use their experience to your benefit.  They are people with the right mindset. They are the ones who achieved what they set out to. They reached the pinnacle of success with sheer determination.

Inspiration for aspiring animators and VFX artist can come from anywhere, but the best ideas always come from already successful digital artists, and assessing how they’ve found their way to success.

Whether you’re a newbie or experienced in the field, we showcase success stories, techniques and strategies of several game-changing digital artists that will inspire you. The business models some of them used to achieve name, fame and money will give you ideas for your own creative business.

The course puts you on the path to success and profitability. By the end of it, you will find yourself in a position to implement the success formula you have learned.

  • You will be all set to take on the Digital Art world
  • You will understand every aspect of Animation & VFX – creative to technical
  • You will be able to market your services in the best possible manner, ensuring success right from the word go
  • You will learn how to set up and run a business efficiently, leading to profitability
  • You will be in the most enviable position of being a sought after job candidate
  • You will fulfil your dream of leading the life of a successful animator.
  • You will finally be able to give shape to all your professional and personal dreams

Dual Certification In 3D Animation

Times & Trends Academy offers Dual Certification in Animation. Students will have an option of choosing any of the one dual certification available.


Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU Affiliated) + Accelerated Professional Certification Course (Times and Trends Academy)

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City Of Oxford College + Accelerated Professional certification Course (Times and Trends Academy)

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Begin your transformation TODAY

Know About Our Course Curriculum, Fees Structure, Placement Record And Life at TTA.

What you will accomplish from the program:

Take A Look!

Skill-Sets required for a Digital Artist

Creativity, technical skills, software conversance and many more skill-sets are essential that you need to get started in the world of Animation & VFX.

Developing Creative-Techno-Geek of Animation & VFX Profession

Digital Art is not just one talent; it needs a combination of both creative instinct as well as technically sound brain that works in synchronisation. This program helps you gain magnifying knowledge of different technical aspects, creative departments and functioning which is mandatory in this field from the entry level.  It focuses on completely understanding the profession you’re getting into.

Elevating Your Business to the Next Level

If you’re already in the business of Digital Art, but is stagnant & dull with no growth ahead, this course defines for you where you could be going wrong and give you insights about the next-level strategies and techniques that will help you elevate your existing digital art business to the next level.

Thinking Like a Digital Artist

You won’t just learn how to create digital art; you will learn what it means to “think like a Digital Artist.” This is only possible through interaction with the torch-bearers of the industry. The experience sharing platform will help you imbibe this quality and hence, open doors to the professional.

Laying the Groundwork for the Future

Successful completion of this program will open the doors to opportunities, and lay the groundwork for a golden future in Animation & VFX.

Exploring what we believe - the Zenith

So what if you don’t want to be an Animator or VFX artist but you want to be in the digital art. Leaving no-stone un-turned, the course will help you explore career opportunities that the field caters to.

This course is a critical step forward in your transformation from a wanna be Digital Artist to a sought-after professional Animator & VFX artist riding high on profitability.

When We Say Professional We Really Mean It ...

When you are part of the “Professional Certification Course in Animation & VFX” you get:

Exclusive one-to-one training

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to imparting knowledge, developing expertise and delivery of the TTA Animation & VFX team. TTA’s Digital Art Course is crafted in a way that it addresses every element of the Animation & VFX industry synchronised with the industry updates. This gives you strength to make a mark in the Animation & VFX industry.

FREE career consultation

A goal without a Plan is just a wish, TTA will ensure you don’t just wish to be a digital artist, but you plan to be one. We make sure the planning and execution; with our result-oriented guidance you are shown exactly how to achieve Peace of Mind, Financial Freedom and a Career for Life with Animation & VFX. A job? A business? We guide you with exactly What to do, WHEN, WHERE, WHY and HOW

FREE training archive

TTA always believe that Knowledge is all about sharing and hence, as a TTAian, you will gain access to all of TTA’s most important training programs. Everything from Communication Skills, Leadership development, Influence Mastery to Public Speaking, Business and Marketing Mastery is covered in these programs. These programs will give you an edge to stand out from the rest by helping you immensely in succeeding in life and business. You can revisit all the training as often as you like.


TTA Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee!

We’re sure our Professional Diploma in Animation & VFX is exactly what you need. We’re confident you’ll love it. You get complete week to test this course and decide if you wish to continue.

Try it out, see if you like it!

See if it works for you.. See if you think it can lead you to the life you’ve been dreaming of.

If you don’t think this is for you.. No hard feelings. You get a 7 day guarantee – and we’ll instantly refund every penny of your money with a smile on our face and no questions asked.  – Times & Trends Academy.

Learn From Industry Insiders

Hemant Shinde

Creator of 3D Sholay, Digital Artist
Chief Mentor for Animation & VFX Domain - TTA

Mahesh Limaye

Cinematographer & Director for Movies like: Dabaang, Yellow, Natrang, Balgandharva, Balak Palak etc.

Rima Amrapurkar

Assistant Director in Movies like Dhamaal and Baabul. Directed Hit Short Films like Ara Ara Aaba, Aata TAri Thamba and Jananee

Are You Ready To Grab Your Keys?


Great, if your answer is YES! This course is a result of extensive research into the needs of the professional Animators and VFX artist. We aimed at filling all the gaps that existed in the industry.

The structure of the course is designed to make emulation easy. The idea is to cut months and years from the learning curve. Having been educating people of all age groups in the Animation & VFX industry, we know what works and what doesn’t.

The “Professional Certification Course in Animation & VFX” is literally the product of years’ worth of experience. We have tried, tested and perfected everything taught in the course so you can avoid the usual trial and error.

If you spend the time and effort required to learn what is taught in the course, there is no stopping you. This course works. It is in your hands to make it work. Success awaits you ... Guaranteed!


To your success,

Last Few Days To Enrol....Hurry Up!









The Privilege & Promise

Being part of India’s Premier Vocational Academy Times & Trends Academy, you deserve the privilege of the quality education as promised. TTA’s Animation & VFX Course empowers you with the required technical knowledge, people’s skills and the confidence to take up ANIMATION & VFX - the digital art of Story Telling. Be it full time or on freelance basis - as a profitable business - or just a passionate hobby, this course caters to the diverse needs of each aspirant.

  • Gain a complete understanding of the creative and exciting world of Animation & VFX
  • Be introduced to the principles of Animation & VFX used to create well engineered and creatively synchronised with the audience’s expectations
  • Learn the practical and industry-relevant aspects of Animation & VFX with hands-on experience
  • Exposed to opportunities of working with the experts and live projects.
  • Trained by the best Animation & VFX Professionals across India
  • Understand the vision, expectations and massive creative scope of the idea/product and bringing life to it effectively.
  • Efficiently communicate your ideas to the clients.
  • Have the knowledge required to employ time- effective methods in creating art-piece of the client’s vision
  • Showcase your creativity in Digital Art with co-ordinated and harmonious outcome.
  • Learn to present ideas visually and make them appealing to clients, audience ensuring your ideas are interpreted correctly
  • Manage various internal audience and sync their requirements, demands and expectations with that of the client's.

Animation can be defined as the art of breathing life to a character or an object. A blend of entertainment industry and technology, it is concerned with design, drawing, layout and production of graphically rich and attractive multimedia clips.

  • Experience a sense of achievement in watching your dream become a reality of your life
  • Learn how to develop professional links and know exactly how you land yourself a job or set up your own business
  • Master management skills that bring work from the best of clients with high budgets
  • Be knowledgeable about business development, business practice and market positioning
  • Gain confidence to work professionally in the highly competitive animation industry.
  • Take easy strides, working your way through to success and profitability

What Students Say About the "Professional Certification Course in Animation"

“My whole experience at Times & Trends Academy since my first day till today is awesome. My Animation faculties were always there for us. With world-class expertise guidance, I was able to get a job of my dreams. I would recommend Times & Trends Academy to each and every student who want to learn Animation and begin a career in this industry.”

Aditya Kalebere

“My basics of colour theory and visual aesthetics improved tremendously after studying at Times & Trends Academy. Faculty is very supportive; they explain a concept multiple times if someone have difficulty in understanding a concept. I am glad that I joined TTA to study Diploma in VFX course.”

Aarti Kadam

“The Diploma in VFX program is unique in more ways than one can imagine,  as it not just incorporates state-of-the-art classroom training but also provides ample opportunities for gaining practical knowledge. I sincerely thank Amit Sir & TTA for this course that has helped me achieve my dreams of making it big as a Roto artist.”

Harshal Girase

“The campus has excellent infrastructure and is very beautiful and houses student friendly amenities, such as computer lab and modern well equipped library. The faculty members have always encouraged us to learn through projects which were very helpful for us throughout our studies. Academics are in accordance with the latest industry trends. It's been a privilege to be a part of this esteemed Academy”

Pallavi Vispute

“I take pride in being a TTAian. The teaching and guidance here is just unparalleled.  TTA has imparted a perfect blend of technical Knowledge and soft skills and made me ready for industry.  It was my honour to study under the guidance of such experienced faculties.  Finally, a special thanks Amit Sir and Satyam Sir for organising various aptitude and people skills sessions. It has left no stone unturned in getting us placed.”

Akash Jumani

“I consider myself lucky to be part of an Academy, which believes in theoretical understanding as well as practical implementation. I am currently pursuing Master Course in Multimedia Designing. I am one of those students for whom TTA was a life changing opportunity and now I know what I am made for. Thank you TTA, for getting me here and for such a good support.”

Aliya Khan

“I made the right choice by associating with this wonderful temple of knowledge, TTA. It was a great learning experience with informative sessions. The way faculties teach is really amazing, and we had fun learning new things. Workshops conducted throughout the courses were like the cherry on the cake.”

Rohit Raut