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Become A Highly Paid Fashion Designer & Achieve Peace Of Mind, Financial Freedom And A Career For Life.

If You’re Ready to Awesomize your Fashion Career, Your Life, and the World ... You’ve Come to the Right Place!

You love fashion. You’re obsessed with clothing and trends. You spend most of the time reading, watching, shopping, designing or sketching. You dream of building a solid career in the field.

Whether fashion is an extension of your personality, a medium of self-expression, a way to use clothes in the form of creativity or an art form with a certain poetry; it involves putting your soul and emotions onto a piece of clothing and creating something that people love.

It is the transformative quality, the effect that an item of clothing or a fabulous pair of shoes can have on the way people see you and the way you might see yourself – that makes a career in the fashion field so amazing.

But how do you go about it? With a zillion options available, where do you go to learn?  Ok.. what are you willing to do to turn your dream into reality?



Get behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Fashion Designers. These are powerful tactics that successful Designers have used to launch their career… and they can work for you, too.


How Much Is Your Dream Worth? Is It worth Pursuing a Course from the Best School in Fashion Design?

Indian in roots but International in vision

TTA, with Amit Agrawal (popular as the “Founder & CEO with a Vision”) at the helm, is a high-end Fashion Design Academy that meets the most stringent standards at a global level. With its roots firmly set in the history of fashion, you will learn the best methods and practices in the fashion sector.

Over and above teaching in the strict sense of the word, the academy also demonstrates to students a certain attitude that of work done well, glamour, delivered with accuracy and creativity.

This course in Fashion Design is aimed at taking you on a journey of the fashion industry with a promise of having your name resound loud and clear in the fashion world, even if you don’t think you have it in you. (Hint: it’s there).

With many years of experience in the fashion industry and having given birth to hundreds & thousands of fashion designers, TTA is all about creating promising careers. The host of accolades stand proof of our unwavering commitment to our students.

We’ve changed hundreds & thousands of lives and careers, hope you’re next!

Warning: You’ll never be average again!


This Program is for...


Fashion Designers who are just starting out ...  and Fashionistas THINKING about a strong presence in the fashion industry. You love what you do, but you’re thinking of a career out of your creative idea. You may already have a job, you may or may not have a background in fashion design, but you’ve decided to be a successful fashion designer and build a life revolving around fashion. And you want to do it with the least amount of mistakes and money.

The Issues You Face...


You badly want to get into fashion and become a highly paid fashion designer, but right now you need help ... you need guidance on how to go about things.  It’s not easy! You are faced with - where to start - Which academy to join.  Trying to figure out the “right” way to go about it can be stressful. Well, that’s because you “don’t know what you don’t know” about fashion design ... you don’t know what it takes to become a successful fashion designer with a successful career.

What You Need Most Right Now...


At this point, when you’re desperate to get started, you should primarily be looking at learning the art and skill of fashion design. You should look at gaining knowledge that helps you in landing yourself a plum fashion job or getting your business – a viable fashion business – up and running. You need to plan!

In order to achieve this, you need comprehensive training on what works in this industry. You need a step-by-step system that includes everything from designing – producing – selling – not to mention marketing, sourcing, retailing and pricing, and more!

Modelling Students Into Tomorrow’s Headliners in the World of Fashion

What You Get When You Join Times and Trends Academy, the premium Ed-Tech Vocational Training Academy.

Creative people often have creative ideas – but too many of them, which is not always a blessing. They have no idea where to start, and they have no knowledge of the business side of things. A majority of the designers today have not been to design school. They had ideas but they had to figure out things on their own.

This course eliminates the struggle associated with becoming a fashion designer. 

  • You get step-by-step instructions and real-life examples
  • You learn how to fit your new job or business into your busy life
  • You understand how to decide what to do and what not to
  • You get a clear picture of the kind of fashion that makes the most sense for you


You’re hired! These words are music to your ears if you prefer working with an established label or a famous fashion house. Through this course, you will explore the fashion job market and the salaries that are on offer. You will be thrilled to find out how TTA can support you in landing yourself a plum job as a fashion designer with growth prospects, helping you reach great heights in the fashion world.

  • How does campus placement work
  • What is the placement track record
  • The different jobs and profiles in the fashion design field
  • What is the norm in terms of starting salary
  • Understand the growth potential in the industry
  • The competition that exists for job seekers
  • What kind of support do students receive from the college
  • Can dreams of being a sought after and popular fashion designer be fulfilled by working for others

Everything from licences to legalities to how the fashion industry works is covered in this course.

  • What are the different licenses you will need
  • Who do you approach for those licences and how to ensure you get them
  • How to make sure your business is completely legal
  • The different fashion seasons, when to sell and when not to - how it all works
  • Various ways of selling your product and how it affects your business
  • The amount of money you will need

The course encourages you to understand and gain knowledge of the 4 C’s paramount to succeed in the fashion industry, whether you’re looking at a job or your own business.

  • Who and where is your qualified prospect, your ideal customer - who is in NEED of what you’re offering
  • What would your company culture be
  • The concepts you would be working on developing
  • How to research competition and keep their heads spinning
  • Zeroing in on your specific niche in fashion that you can relate to 

This course shows you how you can have customers making a beeline for your products even before you launch your product.

  • Steps to start building your clientele TODAY – even before you have your product
  • Why it is important to start looking for customers before you start your business
  • The do’s and don’ts of product development plus customer development
  • How to attract and engage your clients
  • The art of crafting catchy marketing strategies
  • How to ‘DESCRIBE’ and ‘PROMOTE’ your products


You will learn all about the expenses and costing in this course, from what you would need to start and the different areas that cost money, to the expenses involved in achieving profitability.

  • How to estimate accurate costing and pricing of your fashion business
  • What funding sources can you explore
  • What kind of expenses are involved to ensure you have on hand a profitable business
  • Examples and case studies showing what other successful designers spent on their businesses
  • Why to spend money on specific areas of the business and why to be tight-fisted in other areas
  • How to bring down operational costs, enjoying higher profitability

In the course, you will learn everything about Finding Fabrics and Suppliers.

  • Where to find the perfect fabrics & suppliers in small and large quantities, based on your need
  • Learn about the various fabric shows that showcase a huge variety of fabrics
  • Where you can buy fabric – fabric mills or wholesale sellers
  • Recommended fabric companies you can buy with your eyes closed
  • How to ensure you safeguard yourself from fly-by-night operators offering low-quality fabrics


This professional course touches on every aspect of fashion designing and selling your product. It trains you in how you approach your first production in a way that spells success from day one

  • Secrets to finding and identifying the right master tailors, pattern makers, sample makers
  • Finding the best manufacturers
  • What to expect in terms of pricing for the creation of your product
  • The steps you take to a finished sample line – how it works
  • Why you should give your all to your first product sample
  • How to ensure perfection from the first product
  • Understanding the timeline for product completion
  • Dealing with pattern makers and how to help them give their best
  • Checklists you should make before venturing on product creation

This course leads you to the D-Day – the selling phase. You have gone through the grind and you have your clients waiting. It’s time to sell!

  • How to create effective order forms and invoices
  • The perfect photo shoot – how it is done
  • A look at other terms and deliveries
  • A look at planning a perfect display of your products
  • Your own fashion design website – with you at the helm as a Professional Fashion Designer


You will learn how to open your own boutique and how you invite the clients you have amassed during your preparation phase.

  • The nitty-gritty of starting your own boutique
  • How to create encouraging emails inviting your buyers
  • The perfect way to approach buyers
  • How to sell to stores
  • How to sell directly to consumers
  • Taking orders and accepting payments

Dual Certification In Fashion Design

Times and Trends Academy offers Dual Certification in Fashion Design. Students will have an option of choosing any of the one dual certification available.


Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU Affiliated) + Accelerated Professional Certification Course (Times and Trends Academy)

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City Of Oxford College + Accelerated Professional certification Course (Times and Trends Academy)

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Begin your transformation TODAY..!!

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Personal one-to-one coaching and mentoring sessions

You tap into TTA fashion design team’s comprehensive knowledge, experience and expertise. You get practical ideas that work, techniques and strategies employed by successful fashion designers, secrets to landing top fashion jobs or launching a successful fashion design business.

FREE consultancy on job profiles and business feasibility

We help you identify whether a specific job is appropriate for you. We delve deep into your fashion business proposal and discuss with you the merits and/or demerits. In short, we help you make the right decision.

FREE Bonus training programs

You are given online access to several of TTA’s core training programs that range from Public Speaking to Time Management, from Business Mastery to Marketing Mastery. You get everything that a person would ever need to succeed in life or professionally.


TTA Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Professional Certification Course in Fashion Design is our BEST selling course and we are confident you’ll love it. If you don’t find this training course amazing, we offer a full 7 day “no questions asked” Money Back guarantee. Just email us and your money will be refunded instantly. – TTA.

We’ll tell you WHAT you need to know, HOW to go about it, and WHERE to get it. The strategies taught in the Fashion Design Courses are the same ones we use in our fashion design business every single day. We know they work. We will make sure they work for you. We are with you every step of the way – until you make it.

Learn From Industry Insiders

Chandrakant Sonawane

Bollywood Lead Designer for “Padmaavat & Bajirao Mastani”

Manasi Attarde

Bollywood Costume Designer for national-award-winning movies like ‘Yellow’, ‘Court’ & movies like ‘Bhoothnath Returns’

Sonali Karnavat

Visiting Faculty (M.Sc in Textile and Clothing)

Work Experience: 6+ years

Here's How It Works


TTA– New and Advanced “Professional Certification Course in Fashion Design” - is designed to be simple and convenient, while being enormously effective.

When you are exposed to our years of experience, you:

  • Understand the fashion industry in and out
  • Arrive at a clear picture of the fashion path that best suits you
  • Gain an understanding of the job market and job profiles
  • Eliminate all concerns about starting your own fashion business
  • Develop confidence in your ability to make it in the highly competitive fashion world
  • Get it right the first time around, through tried and tested fashion lessons
  • Turn your dreams of becoming a successful fashion designer into reality

Upon completion of the course, you will be in a position to:

  • Hand-pick a fashion design job of your liking
  • Land yourself great offers from campus interviews
  • Turn an entrepreneur in the fashion industry
  • Call yourself a professional fashion designer, earning the respect of your peers
  • Design huge production lines for yourself or others
  • Market your wares in the best way possible
  • Attract even the hard-to-please customers with your expertise
  • Make the kind of money that you’ve never dreamt possible

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Now for some Times and Trends Academy's Designing School RAVE REVIEWS!

“There were so many highlights of ‘Attitude’ session in the fashion program but here are my take-away from the session: 1. Let go of things which are not important and focus on things which are useful 2. Not to keep the burden of “Ego – Eliminating good opportunities” 3. Coming out of comfort zone – This is the time to get out of our comfort zone and do what is required in life. Over all, it was much needed session for motivating us and keep us going in life no matter what.”

Anisha Kukreja

“I would absolutely recommend this course to anyone who wants to make a career in the fashion industry. Every session is golden and the learning process is way different from traditional one. A thumbs-up to Times & Trends Academy & Amit sir.”

Saba Ansari

“I was waiting for a right opportunity to explore my talent and skip conventional career choices. TTA was like an answer to my prayers. It taught me Fashion Design with such precision and perfection that today, I am an accomplished self-employed designer. TTA has given a definite direction to my life. I would like to thank TTA for all the commendable efforts & also thanks Chandrakant sir & TTA for giving me an opportunity to work for ‘ Padmaavat ’ movie.”

Aparna Agrawal

“It was amazing fashion program & really knowledgeable for us. Thank you, Times & Trends Academy, my best take-away was knowledge about character development & imparting education on detailing for a costume of a given character. Thank you so much, Amit sir.”

Sejal Kalawadiya

Absolutely amazing interaction with industry experts. Mahesh Limaye sir's session was the best amongst all I feel. I am really motivated after this session on Cinematography & Direction. It was great to hear his story. Absolutely inspired today. Thank you so much Amit Sir for arranging the best lectures.

Bhavana Kamble

“It was great experience to gain the knowledge from diploma in fashion program. It was a step-by-step throughout​ elaboration of what and how we need to get things done in the world of fashion designing. Thank you so much Times & Trends Academy & Amit sir for such a wonderful fashion program.”

Purva Bhutada

When I came to TTA, I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do fashion although I had already enrolled here, but after doing this course and attending so many different workshops, I'm sure it's my calling. The course prepared me for a career for life and I'm already approaching big clients.

Shreya Patil