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    • Module 1: Coloration and texture - Colour can make or break a space. Choosing appropriate colours for a facility's spaces is an important aspect of interior design. Colour has a profound influence on a space and the people in it. Use it to your advantage to create an inviting, productive space. In this module you will learn all about colours and how to use colours in residential and commercial areas
    • Module 2: Basics of Service system - In this module students will learn about the different types of services that we use in the buildings to make buildings more functional, comfortable and efficient and the importance of each services in building to achieve safe and comfortable indoor environment.
    • Module 3: Basics of Design - Design is not only about how beautiful it looks …. Its more about solution to a problem …in more simple we can say design is all about problem thinking and solution…In this module you will learn the basics of any design like elements of design, principles of design,design process etc.

    • Module 4 : Interior Design Styles - This module will help you understand the different designing styles that are widely used in Interiors, and basically you will understand the reasons behind using them, their co-relation with each other and the latest and trending styles and its features.

    • Module 5: Business interactions and BOQ’s - It helps the students to learn about commercial and administrative aspects, market practices of the profession of interior design. This subject intends to equip student with professional practices adopted in handing of various jobs site visits and throughout knowledge and market. Students will also learn about preparing BOQ’s and estimate for interior site.

    • Module 6 : World History - Its about knowledge on evolution of multiple aspects related to the Art and Architecture, which is spread across centuries. The adaptations of Techniques and use of styles changed with time and depended on the mind-set of the Rulers, Queens, Artists and Designers of the time. Materials and Planning depended on the availability and need - Leading to birth of something new at every next step. Be it Buildings, Temples, Castles, Furniture or the Interior Elements - Each and every element has evolved and is the source of impact even today. Looking at history and learning, paves the path for current modern world Architecture and Artistry.

    • Module 7 : Material trends for interiors - This module will help students to understand the different materials that we use in interior design also students will gain knowledge of the materials, their uses in interior design, advantages and disadvantages of materials.This will help them to have a better understanding of materials and they can use this knowledge in design to make their designs appropriate and affordable.

    • Module 8 : Furniture Design - Imagine a room without any furniture. Seems empty right? Let us start our journey in finding out one of the most essential part of any living space, furniture! In this module you will learn about carpentry furniture and modular furniture and difference between them.

    • Module 9: DIY for interior - Do it yourself ("DIY") is an activity of remodelling, recycling or decorating of products at home by oneself rather than hiring anyone for doing that work. Learn DIY projects and craft ideas perfect for inside or outside your home with in your budget .Skip store bought decorations and personalize your space with items that you make yourself.

    • Module 10: Sketch up - It helps a students to learn about  3D modeling and the 3D modeling and design industry. Sketch Up is a free 3D modeling program available to everyone.  This series will be project based. We will learn all the tools and features by creating a shed. After that we'll advance to more complex structures.  You will be able to make interior models with Vray and advance light effects and make realistic rendering.

    • Module 11 : Visual Merchandise - The purpose visual merchandising is to attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. In this module, you will learn the scope of visual merchandiser, how themes are used to attract the customers etc.

    • Module 12: Vastu shastra and Feg shui - In this module, you will learn the basic elements of vastu shastra and feng shui and how vastu is different from feng shui?

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