"Top 3 Mistakes Teenagers and Youth Make That Keep Them Out Of A Career And What They Can Do About It"


If you’re guilty of taking the wrong steps or experienced gut wrenching failure, but you’re still holding on to your dream of becoming a SUCCESSFUL Interior Designer, we’ve got your back...

If You’re Ready to Awesomize your Interior Career, Your Life, and the World ... You’ve Come to the Right Place!

Learn interior designing the right way and start a profitable Interior Design practice or take up a design job you’ll enjoy without spending more money on courses that do nothing for your career. TTA’s Professional Certification Course in Interior Design is interactive and designed for action.

We are confident of your success!

 “My biggest issue was finding a comprehensive and practical training on Interior Design that can actually see me through to being a successful professional in the interior design space, instead of leaving me high and dry gaping at the world of design in confusion!”

That’s a quote from one of our students ,Pranav Shirke - and it’s something we hear a lot!

Your life runs on knowledge! It’s the fuel you use to start, create and enjoy a successful career of your choice.

You’ve got to make sure everything you learn counts. You need answers to these questions:

  • How and where to begin the journey to a being a successful Interior Designer?
  • Which Interior Design training program is good for you, and which abuse your time?
  • Most training programs are too long and expensive. Is there an option?
  • Do they offer a good ROI in terms of placing you on the right path?
  • Do you think you have great potential to success in this area?

It’s not that you don’t have the potential or are not smart enough. It’s not that you’re not willing to put in the required effort.

It’s just that you need the RIGHT GUIDANCE, ENCOURAGING MENTORS, and PERFECT TRAINING PROGRAMS that can teach you everything you need to be a SUCCESSFUL INTERIOR DESIGNER in today’s world where change is a constant.


Get behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful Interior Designers. These are powerful tactics that successful Designers have used to launch their career… and they can work for you, too.


We've changed hundreds & thousands of lives and careers, hope you're next..!!

Warning : You'll never be average again!


“Rejoice ... You Have Finally Found the Door to the Interior Design World. Just Get Your Foot In!”

Indian in roots but International in vision

You have always dreamt of being an Interior Designer. You have been told time and again that you have good taste. You envisioned that it was something you could do.

But you also know that to be a good Interior Designer, good taste is not enough, there is a whole lot of detailing required to create charming spaces that look modern, contemporary, traditional, Art Deco, Art Nouveau, Medieval or even shabby chic among hundreds of other styles.

 “A goal without a plan is just a wish” said the popular French writer and aviator, Antoine de Saint-Exupery. He knew exactly what he was talking about.

  • You may have done interior design courses
  • You may have taken up design in college
  • You may already have a design business
  • You may have zero knowledge of design

Wherever you are right now in your life, this program is for you - if your goal is to become a SUCCESSFUL INTERIOR DESIGNER. But how are you going to achieve that goal? You need to have a plan.

What if you could get exactly what you wanted, like so many others have?

Over the years, Times & Trends Academy trained thousands of students in a variety of Interior design, interior styling and interior design practice. We have a continually growing team of educators and professionals on a mission to change students’ future by bridging the gap between real-world skills, relevant education and employment or business.

We’ve helped hundreds and thousands of students succeed and make a name in the interior design world. We await your presence at our design academy!

When you employ the techniques, you will:


Understand how to communicate your ideas effectively to clients and suppliers. Gain the power of triggering appropriate and uplifting responses. Have the knowledge required to employ cost-effective methods in creating an enduring interior space. Showcase your creativity with co-ordinated and harmonious interiors. Learn to present ideas visually and make them appealing to clients through documentation and drawings, ensuring your ideas are interpreted correctly

When You Complete The Course


Experience a sense of achievement in watching your dream take life. Learn how to create a professional portfolio and know exactly how you land yourself a job or set up your own business. Master management skills that bring work from the best of clients with high budgets. Be knowledgeable about business development, business practice and market positioning. Gain confidence to work professionally in the highly competitive interior design industry. Take easy strides, working your way through to success and profitability

A Glimpse At What You Accomplish In Your Interior Design Program

What You Get When You Join Times and Trends Academy, the premium Ed-Tech Vocational Training Academy.

This program is designed to provide you with an opportunity to gain or enhance interior design knowledge. It focuses on establishing you as a successful Interior Designer.

It helps those looking at jobs in the field gain top-tier jobs with fat salaries working with high-end Interior Designers. Those with their eyes firmly set on being entrepreneurs, get everything they need to launch their own business. 

The course caters to both the new wannabe designers and the experienced.

  • Learn and develop the art and skill of designing a variety of aesthetically pleasing interiors
  • Expand and enhance current knowledge in a specific area of interest related to interior design
  • Remediate deficient areas of knowledge or skills in interiors

A step-by-step program that helps successfully launch you as an interior designer –  establish your presence in the field – compete with the stalwarts in the interior space – achieve popularity – lead you to profitability.

As an Interior Designer, you would want people to walk into the room or space you create and feel captivated and awed. You want them to say to themselves - “This is what I want” and wonder if it’s possible to recreate the magic in their own spaces.

For that to happen, you not only need to learn interior design, but also the numerous “must do’s” that are necessary for a successful outcome... for creating a beautiful awe-inspiring space.

All methodologies of interior design are discussed and described in detail, allowing you to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the different designs.  The various practical approaches of design you will learn during the course are meant to give you a lead in the market from day one.

Great interiors are those that reflect the values, wants and needs of the OWNER!  You will learn the art of interpreting the essence of your clients and injecting it into interior spaces that reflect their aspirations and lifestyle.

The course covers conceptual development, schematic designs, design development, electrical planning, budget review, product procurement and implementation. It shows you how to be involved in every aspect of your interior design project, leading to a timeless result that will make you the envy of people in your industry.

Dealing with problems related to the various structures is not easy for a new and inexperienced designer. But knowledge of the various structures and learning to foresee problems, being prepared for the kind of problems that can crop up will help you deal with them efficiently.

You will learn the importance of making strategic and conceptual decisions for your projects based on the desired function and mood of the space. You will gain knowledge of the various structures in order to create a plan and implement your ideas.

Knowledge of this will give you the confidence to professionally complete a project, leading to better and superior results.

You will enjoy a fascinating journey beginning with the origins of design leading to the present day modern design. You will learn to recognize architectural and decorative details from the past and incorporate these ideas into your designs... adding originality to your work.

If you’re a tourist and travelling to some place you’ve never been to before, what do you do to save time? You gather information about the place from somebody who had gone to that place before. Why? Simply because they went there before you!

There are successful interior designers before you, who have tested the waters. Follow their lead and use their experience to your benefit.  They are people with the right mindset. They are the ones who achieved what they set out to. They reached the pinnacle of success with sheer determination.

Inspiration for aspiring designers can come from anywhere, but the best ideas always come from already successful designers, and assessing how they’ve found their way to success.

Whether you’re a new designer or experienced in the field, we showcase success stories, techniques and strategies of several game-changing designers that will inspire you. The business models some of them used to achieve name, fame and money will give you ideas for your own design business.

The course puts you on the path to success and profitability. By the end of it, you will find yourself in a position to implement the success formula you have learned.

  • You will be all set to take on the interior design world
  • You will understand every aspect of interior design – traditional and modern
  • You will be able to market your services in the best possible manner, ensuring success right from the word go
  • You will learn how to set up and run a business efficiently, leading to profitability
  • You will be in the most enviable position of being a sought after job candidate
  • You will fulfil your dream of leading the life of a successful interior designer
  • You will finally be able to give shape to all your professional and personal dreams

This course is a critical step forward in your transformation from a wannabe designer to a sought-after professional Interior Designer riding high on profitability.

Dual Certification In Interior Design

Times and Trends Academy offers Dual Certification in Interior Design. Students will have an option of choosing any of the one dual certification available.


Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU Affiliated) + Accelerated Professional Certification Course (Times and Trends Academy)

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City Of Oxford College + Accelerated Professional certification Course (Times and Trends Academy)

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Begin your transformation TODAY

Know About Our Course Curriculum, Fees Structure, Placement Record And Life at TTA.


Curious To Know Exactly What you will accomplish from the program?

Take A Look!

Required Skills for an Interior Designer

Gives you an understanding of the essential skills you need to get started in the world of interior design

Actionable Knowledge Used by Designers

Equips you with actionable knowledge and skills that all successful interior designers use whether they design residential areas, commercial spaces or landscapes.

The Entire Gamut of the Design Profession

Helps you gain in-depth knowledge of everything there is to know about designing, including the state of the design profession: about why there’s a demand for your skill, about successful designers, about those who have failed (and why). It focuses on completely understanding the profession you’re getting into.

Taking Your Interior Design Career to the Next Level

If you’re already in the Interior Design Practice and stuck not knowing how to grow your business, this course shows you where you could be going wrong and teaches advanced strategies and techniques that help take your existing design business to the next level.

Thinking Like a Designer

You won’t just learn how to design; you will learn what it means to “think like an Interior Designer.” Once you imbibe this quality, the doors to the profession open.

Laying the Groundwork for the Future

Successful completion of this program will open the doors to opportunities, and lay the groundwork for a golden future in interior designing.

This course is a critical step forward in your transformation from a wannabe designer to a sought-after professional Interior Designer riding high on profitability.

When We Say Professional We Really Mean It ...

When you are part of the “Professional Certification Course in Interior Design” you get:

Exclusive one-to-one training

The knowledge and expertise of the TTA interior design team is offered - no holds barred. Every aspect of interior design is covered in a phased manner. You will be in a position to compete with the big-wigs in the design industry.

FREE career consultation

You are shown exactly how to make money with interior designing. A job? A business? We show you exactly WHAT to do, WHEN, WHERE and WHY. FREE consultation from Industry Insiders help you to decide which career to choose.

FREE training archive

As a student, you will gain access to all of TTA’s most important training programs. Everything from Public Speaking to Business and Marketing Mastery is covered in these programs. This helps you immensely in succeeding in life and Business.


TTA Offers 100% Money Back Guarantee!

Professional Certification Course in Interior Design is our BEST selling course and we are confident you’ll love it. If you don’t find this training course amazing, we offer a full 7 day “no questions asked” Money Back guarantee. Just email us and your money will be refunded instantly. – TTA.

We’ll tell you WHAT you need to know, HOW to go about it, and WHERE to get it. The strategies taught in the Interior Design Courses are the same ones we use in our Interior design business every single day. We know they work. We will make sure they work for you. We are with you every step of the way – until you make it.

Learn From Industry Insiders

Amit Danait

Chief Editor & Founder - A&i Digest For Architects & Interior Designers

Hemant Bibekar

26+ Years Experience in Interior Designing. Director of Utility Windows.

Akash Mehta

The Founder and Director of well-known design firm AMPM Designs.

Are You Ready To Grab Your Keys?


Great, if your answer is YES! This course is a result of extensive research into the needs of the interior design professionals. We aimed at filling all the gaps that existed in the industry.

The structure of the course is designed to make emulation easy. The idea is to cut months and months from the learning curve. Having been educating people of all age groups in the Interior and design industry, we know what works and what doesn’t.

The “Professional Certification Course in Interior Design” is literally the product of years’ worth of experience. We have tried, tested and perfected everything taught in the course so you can avoid the usual trial and error.

If you spend the time and effort required to learn what is taught in the course, there is no stopping you. This course works. It is in your hands to make it work. Success awaits you ... Guaranteed!


To your success,

After Joining, you will.


Gain a complete understanding of the creative and exciting world of interior design. Be introduced to the principles of interior design used to create beautifully balanced and harmonious interior. Learn to observe, analyse and evaluate a variety of interior spaces. Develop a “designer’s eye” and understand how to create inspirational designs for different environments

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“Thank you so much TTA for the right career push that I needed. TTA has developed a proficient module for interior design. Sneha ma’am & Sandeep ma’am, thank you so much for grooming us and making us so capable that we can match the industry standards. The faculties here have kept us enthused & engaged. I would absolutely recommend TTA to anyone who’s interested in making a career in Interior Design.”

Vedika Bakawat

“I feel proud to be a part of Times & Trends Academy. Friends, faculties and all the people at Times & Trends Academy are very amazing. I have learnt so many good things at TTA. It makes me feel nice here, and therefore, I am really proud of this association with TTA. I want to thank all the faculties of Interior Design department and our Founder & Chairman – Amit sir.”

Shreya Chitnis

“Times & Trends Academy offers an amazing platform to boost an individual’s creativity. It’s an institute where every moment is fun, and it just becomes a beautiful memory that you would want to cherish lifelong. I have also learnt the fundamentals of interior design business through various workshops that were conducted at Times & Trends Academy. Thank you, Sneha ma’am, Sandeep ma’am, and Amit sir for offering such a learning platform.”

Ashish Joshi

“I got to know about Times & Trends Academy from a friend of mine. The experience that I have had at Times & Trends Academy is really awesome. I just love the environment and culture at TTA. All the workshops that TTA conducts regularly have developed my personality to a great extent. TTA has a great staff too, I must say. Thank you, TTA.”

Aarti Deshmukh

“Pursuing an interior designing course from Times & Trends Academy was the best thing that I have ever done for myself. The course has definitely broadened my perspective. I am more aware of roles and responsibilities of an interior designer, and the importance of interior designer in the market today. Yes, the faculties assist in everything here at TTA. Thank you so much.”

Minal Agrawal

“TTA is such an academy that anyone would fall in love on their first visit. I too loved the academy when I came to seek information, and booked my seat the same day. The faculties are very capable and deliver the best content. The ambience at TTA is amazing – the silent library, decorated walls,  fame hall, etc. add life to TTA’s infrastructure. Thank you so much, TTA.”

Ronak Gujrathi

“The best decision that I have ever made was joining Times & Trends Academy. All faculty members or the staff members are ready to help anytime. All the problems and queries are taken care by them. They are ready to support 24×7. It’s been a year for me at Times & Trends Academy, and the academy has really brought the best in me. Thank you so much, TTA!”

Shubham Jadhao

“Times & Trends Academy is the best institute. The happy and positive atmosphere at TTA is very charming. Faculties are the souls of this institute. I find them very kind, humble and helpful. I love Times & Trends Academy and would like to come back again and again here. Thank you for everything, Sneha Ma’am, Sandeep ma’am, Sneha Mehta Mam, Amita Runwal Mam, Shruti Mam and of course, Amit sir.”

Karuna Chhajed

"Times and Trends Academy is definitely an institute preferable over other institutes for an interior design course. Times and Trends Academy has some best learning methods here, and I love the way they teach. The curriculum is something extraordinary. any student of Times and Trends Academy will confirm this. I would like to thank the kind and talented faculties at Times and Trends Academy"

Raksha Asanane