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Turn Your Passion For Fashion Into A Reality & Make It BIG In Bollywood Industry.

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Have a hands-on experience and get an inside edge of all the glitz and glam.

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Be fluent in the fashion and styling world with just a few clicks on your screen.


Well, why is it required for you to take extra efforts? Is growth the new rule in the times of pandemic? Are you excited to see what the future holds for you? If yes, then do not miss this opportunity to be the next Fashion Fellow of Indian Design League. 

  • Make the best use of staying at home. 
  • Be safe and learn from the best. 
  • Know something new about fashion design an style every day.
  • Get in line with the post Covid-19 world demands. 
  • Learn better technological aspects to make your work easier.  
  • Understand how to fight the volatility of market. 
  • Become a part of online market- the biggest market that the world has ever seen!  
  • Prepare to enter in the new industry. 

After the successful completion of this program, you shall receive a One Month Online Internship Program Completion Certificate signed by the Celebrity Fashion Designer and Stylist Ken Ferns and you shall also be eligible for endless opportunities for life....

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Learn With Us. Implement As An Intern With An Expert Exclusively For Fashion Students. At the end of the internship, 5 deserving candidates will get a job opportunity in the field of Fashion. We look ahead for great Fashion professionals in the coming season! Set Learning Time! Set the Trend! Set Your Design!

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