"Top 3 Mistakes Teenagers and Youth Make That Keep Them Out Of A Career And What They Can Do About It"

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All of us are interested in career paths that lead us to success, aren’t we? But, the catch here is that we don’t know which career path would lead us to success. So, how exactly do we choose our career? Especially when we have a plethora of courses available to us. It really becomes confusing, frustrating, and to a point, also stressing. Choosing a particular course and the institute can be really painful process because you are putting too much at stake; it’s about your career after all!!

So, how exactly do you decide? Do you look at what are the things that interests you or what should you be doing to get a well-paying job? Or do we look at some statistics to help us in decision-making?

Did you guys know that service sector in our country contributes for around 58%? And manpower requirement is shooting up daily because of new companies setting up, and better government policies that are favouring business climate more than ever. This is the good news! Whoa!

But, the flipside of the coin is that although we have labour, we lack skilled labour. The industry needs youth who have technical knowledge along with pre-determined skill-sets. Therefore choosing an appropriate course is very important, but what is also important is the institute that you choose to study in. This is because when you pass out from the institute, employers would ask are you really employable? Are you a good package to be invested in? Will you add any value to the organization? Well, there are more concerns.

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Further, we would see what career opportunities are available in different courses that you are interested in.

We will also see the range of incomes that people get in that specific profession as a fresher and also as an expert. We will also explore the potential of that industry in Domestic and International market. I will also let you where our current batches of students are placed, and who are our prospective recruiters. You will also come to know about our various professional workshops designed to assist you in developing your overall personality.

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